U-Haul available now! Moving vans, trailers and tow dolly’s!! Reserve yours today!

What we offer!

Engine & Small Engine Repair Services
  • Vehicle & Engine Repairs- all makes and models- tune ups, rebuilds, etc.
  • Boats (inboard & outboard motors), plus welding & fabrication
  • All types of trade equipment
  • Sod cutters
  • Tamper machines
  • All lawn service equipment
  • Concrete saws, mixers & pumps
  • Generators & Pressure washers
  • Golf Carts- pick-up & delivery available
  • Hydraulic repair & fabrication
  • Repairs to equipment and tractors such as Kubota, Bob Cat, John Deere, etc
  • Trailer light repair, wiring lights, brakes, wheel bearings, etc. Including hitch install & repair
Welding & Fabrication
  • Trailers both steel & aluminum
  • Welding & Repair to garage doors, grills, trucks and equipment racks, etc
  • Bring us your custom fabrication ideas!
Vehicle, Vessel and Equipment Storage & Repair + U-Haul
  • 24-Hour video surveillance through ADT
  • Key-pad entry
  • Repairs on-site
  • U-Haul moving trucks, trailers and tow dolly’s available!

Mobile Service Available!
Pick-up & Delivery Available!

Priority scheduling for ALL trade industries!!